Bakfiets cargo bike gets electrified!

Our new e-RAD mid-drive electric motor kits now allow internally-geared bikes to benefit from electrification. A customer brought in their Bakfiets to be fitted with a motor. As it’s their primary mode of transport, and they have two children, having an electric motor gives them extra comfort and flexibility. The e-Rad system replaces the bottom … More Bakfiets cargo bike gets electrified!

Test ride: step-through- and mixte-framed bikes

I love my old step-through bicycle. I ride a 1950’s single-speed Glider with a back-pedal brake; made in England for Eatons. It’s reliable, comfortable and fast. A step-through frame is a type of bicycle frame with a low or absent top tube or cross bar. For a mixte frame, the top tube is replaced with two … More Test ride: step-through- and mixte-framed bikes